USIS Lawsuits Come to an End

The ongoing battle between USIS, a CWA communications company and Local 3, IBEW and employers signatory to Local 3 has come to a conclusion. USIS filed two lawsuits, one in 2000 and one in 2006. Both suits alleged anti-trust violations against Local 3 and signatory employers.
The first case resulted in a dismissal by the Federal Court which was appealed by USIS to the Supreme Court of the United States. In December 2010 the Supreme Court refused to hear USIS’s appeal and the decision to dismiss the case by the 2nd Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in New York was upheld.
In USIS I, USIS sought damages of $21M. In USIS II, additional damages were sought. USIS II alleged similar behavior that  had been dismissed in USIS I. It was filed to cover a different period during which the allegations were to have taken place.
In USIS II the employers and USIS came to a mutual settlement which resulted in the ending of the case and the saving of substantial court costs.