Happy Thanksgiving and Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Day

November is the month when all Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. We give thanks for the abundance that America has provided us all. It is truly a unique American holiday.

We in Local 3 are proud citizens and in addition to Thanksgiving have negotiated into most collective bargaining agreements the day after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday. We have designated it as “Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Day.” Like Thanksgiving Day, we recognize the enormous positive effect the life of Harry Van Arsdale Jr. has had on our lives and the lives of our families. His sacrifice, dedication and leadership have provided all of us with higher standards of living and cradle to grave benefits that give us a security most workers do not enjoy.

For many members, his foresight to establish Electchester Housing as an affordable development for Local 3 members provided the “leg up” many needed in their purchasing of homes for themselves and their families. His legacy continues today through the on going affordability of Electchester for members and their families. His foresight resulted in educational benefits that have provided members and spouses with college educations. His positive effect was not limited to Local 3 members. His work as president of the NYC Central Labor Council and as an International Officer of the IBEW affected the lives of millions of workers throughout the United States. His life’s work resulted in the betterment of countless lives, so on the Friday after Thanksgiving when many of our members will be taking advantage of their day off to participate in the busiest shopping day of the year, stop and pause for a moment and remember Harry.

Help Those Less Fortunate

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Day!

Welcome to Our Official Website

On behalf of the Officers and Representatives of
Local 3, welcome to our official website!

"In unity there is strength"

May God bless our members in the Armed Forces, America
and Local 3.

Christopher Erikson,
Business Manager
Local 3, IBEW

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